What is composite decking?

Composite Decking is a mix of Hard Wood Fibres, recycled polyethylene, bonding agent, additives and tint. It is a long lasting, hardwearing, low maintenance alternative to traditional timber decking.

Does the composite decking have a guarantee?

Yes, we believe our product is of a high standard and back that up with a warranty for your peace of mind.

How much does the Wood Plastic Composite cost?

Our product is extremely popular due to our very high quality and competitive pricing due to direct channel of consumer and manufacturer. The exact price depends on the type and size of WPC that you are looking to order. Drop us an e-mail inquiry and we will get back to you in 24 hrs.

Price Comparison Policy: We will not only beat any price on WPC products of the same size and chemical composition but give you an extra 2.5% off the competitor’s price. For further details, please see our Terms & Conditions.

How much will I need?

You can drop us an email with dimensions of your area, product of your choice and intended use. We will calculate it for you free of cost. We recommend ordering an extra 10% to account for cutting and wastage.

What colours does the Wood Plastic Composite come in?

The Complete OGIMA range of Wood Plastic Composites is available in 12 colours as per our new colour swatch and Co-extrusions are available in 5 colours Chocolate, IPE, Teak, Grey & Light Grey. Each colour is displayed on product page, however if you would like to get a better idea of these you can order or collect a sample swatch free of cost from any of our branches (courier charges apply). Please email us to get in touch with any of representatives attending major exhibitions and seminars around the globe.

How much does delivery cost and how long will it take to get it?

As our products are custom built, the manufacturing time is approximately 15-30 days depending on your order. We always quote separately time and cost for delivery depending on your location, this ensures we can deliver our product to you in perfect condition on time.

What will it look like once it’s done?

Only you can really picture that as you know the space better than anyone but we do have a gallery of images that might help you see what it could look like. Visit Gallery

How far apart should the supporting joists be?

The supporting joist below the Wood Plastic Composite boards should be a maximum of 400mm apart. For further information on installation please installation guidelines here.

Do you have a Wood Plastic Composite Brochure?

Yes, Please click here to download the PDF version. Or contact us directly to have a printed version posted.

Do I need specialist tools to install the decking?

There are no specialist tools required. The WPC can be installed using the same tools you would use to install timber.

Are the decking boards reversible?

You can fit them either way. In fact, it is a huge advantage either to give it a new look or to deal with damages and wear over the time.

Will I get a colour difference with my decking boards?

Our Wood Plastic Composite boards are produced in batches and made from approx. 50% recycled hardwood making this a natural product. For this reason, slight colour variations may occur. We advise purchasing WPC in the same lengths to avoid initial colour difference. Although we will always endeavour to pick all products from the same batch. when orders are added or amended at a later date the boards will likely be from a different batch therefore colour variation is likely. Please ensure you order the correct amount of boards on the initial order.

Can I amend/add to my decking order once I have placed it?

Yes, you can however please note this may slow the delivery process down. Delivery estimates are from the most recent order/amendment date.

What size drill bit should I use with the decking T Clip system?

We advise using a PH2 drill bit with the T Clip screws.

How long does Wood Plastic Composite last?

We offer a 20 year warranty on all our WPC against any manufacturing defects meaning you get peace of mind with your new decking. We anticipate when looked after well Wood Plastic Composite will last well in excess of the 20 year warranty.

How much is Wood Plastic Composite vs wood?

Our Wood Plastic Composite boards are competitively priced against similar boards in the UK. Wood Plastic Composite requires very little maintenance meaning your time can be spent enjoying it rather than on expensive repainting or staining. The cost of timber can vary where as our Wood Plastic Composite boards are priced low to stay low.

Can you paint a composite deck?

Our Wood Plastic Composite is available in a range of attractive colours which are designed to last, meaning you don’t need to paint them or stain them. The boards are designed to be the colour they were originally so we would not advise painting them, only occasional cleaning to maintain their high end look. However, if you feel the need to re-paint your Wood Plastic Composite this is possible but you will need to ensure use a high quality Composite Wood Stain.

Will there be water marks on my decking?

Water stain marks can show on any Wood Plastic Composite boards. In our time we have seen two types of water stains; both of which will generally disappear with exposure to a reasonable soaking of rain and general weathering.

Water stains from wood tannins will occur in the early life of your deck as the natural tannins come out of the wood fibres at the surface of the Wood Plastic Composite. This will happen in the early weeks of your deck, and will depend on how exposed to the elements your deck is before the weathering process is complete. This type of stain can be more prominent when new decking is exposed to direct sunshine in the first few months of its life.

Water stains from water pooling or dripping can happen on Wood Plastic Composite just like it can with many other materials/surfaces such as timber decking, glass, laminated floors etc. This can leave a “shoreline” effect. The visibility of the stain will be governed by factors such as how dirty the deck is and how quickly the water dries from the water pooling, clean as mentioned above. Again this can be exaggerated in hotter weather.

Both types of marks/stains will disappear naturally over time unless, of course, you have a recurring problem that allows water to continually land on to the Wood Plastic Composite. I.E. A drip from a gutter will continue to make marks until the water is stopped from landing onto the water stained area.

Our advice is to let the Wood Plastic Composite weather naturally over time and sort itself out. However, we understand you want to be proud of your new deck once installed and if you feel the need to try and remove the marks yourself then a wash with clean, hot water will wash away most marks. Do not wash your decking whilst it is hot.

  1. Pour clean, hot water on the deck and let it sit for 5-10 minutes
  2. Work in with soft bristle brush
  3. Pressure wash (at low pressure without and wide fan) / rinse down with hot water (preferred)
  4. Squeegee water off the deck with a squeegee brush
  5. Mop up any wet areas with a clean sponge mop

If water marks have been long standing, they may require more hot water or repeated procedure.